B-24H #42-94893 “Hells Belle” 34th Bomb Group, 4th Bomb Squadron Lost on a Combat Mission July 19, 1944

COL. Bob Simpson

COL. Bob Simpson

Hells Belle Crew Standing: Charles Van Kirk, Volney Snyder, Clyde Collier Front Row: Marion Baker, Joe Starzec, Henry Tobiason

Omaha Reunion - Sept 1997 (Left to Right) • Bob Simpson, Pilot, Crew #5, Hells Belle • H. Tobiason, Gunner, Crew #5, Hells Belle • A. Israelsen, Pilot, Crew #1 • C. Barclay, Engineer/Gunner, Crew #1 • R. Reed, Navigator, Crew #1 • A. Johnson, Pilot, Crew #4 • W. Van Buskirk, Radio Operator, Crew #1

Hells Belle Crew (Left to Right) Jack Jones, Robert Simpson, Jimmy Byrd, Tom Hogan

Bob Simpson and the B-36 crew in a pre-mission line-up prior to a flight out of Travis AFB in the early 1950's.

I Flew

Maintenance on RB-36 engines at Travis AFB, California.

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Bob Simpson's B-29 parked on the ramp in Bermuda during a Deployment to England.

Bob Simpson B-29 at the controls of a B-29. Look carefully through the cockpit window and you can see another B-29.

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72nd Strategic Recon Squadron, Ladd AFB Alaska, June 1949. Lt. Simpson is on the fourth row, far right.

B-29s from the 72nd Stategic Recon Squadron fly in formation over Alaskan mountains.

B-24 "Hells Belle"

Robert Jr, Robert III and Robert IV